Maybe because I don’t know what it feels like to be affluent. Maybe because I wasn’t endowed with good looks that would make girls swoon. Maybe because I’m not particularly talented nor have something I’m really good at. Maybe because I’m a nobody, a simple guy with simple tastes and simple joys. But for as […]

You say you’re ugly Too spent, too scarred You say you don’t deserve me That life has been cruel to you You say you’re damaged beyond repair. How many times must I tell you How could I make you understand That you’re beautiful to me Not in spite of your damage But because of it. […]

I don’t get many things right the first time. I screw up quite a lot. Sometimes I’m reckless, brash, insensitive, and emotionally distant. Sometimes the littlest of things make me tear up, like when I see a father lulling his baby to sleep, or when I see a hapless child begging on the hostile street. […]

He was never the commitment type. Commitments suffocate him. He always fantasizes about meeting someone gorgeous, someone sexy, someone skillful in pleasing a man. And that this someone is crazy about him, and would always, always want to meet up with him with no strings attached. Then alas, he found her. The girl of his […]

HE LIVED THE WAY HE KNEW HOW. That will be my epitaph. When people would speak about me at my funeral, I want them to speak about a man who has lived his life the way he knew how. That’s all that matters to me — that I have lived my life, the only fucking […]

Everyday as soon as I wake up, I’m immediately — without a single consideration if I had a good night’s sleep or not — bombarded with a barrage of concerns: physiological, social, work, family. As the day drags on I’m strenuously juggling all these aspects of living that by the end of the day I’m […]

I love you because — there’s no because I just do love you. And this fortuitous, causeless love for you has always been enough for me. I hope it’s enough for you, too.      

The guy who bade Facebook goodbye ponders what made him come back. That I’ll be back on Facebook was something I thought would never be possible. I’m a very stubborn person, and I pride myself with being able make a decision and stand by it no matter what the consequences are. When I deleted my […]

Love exists in the haven of my dreams, in the alluring island of my illusion. Love… so exquisite and noble in my thoughts. I’m addicted to chasing it as long as it stays on its rightful course — out of reach, forever eluding my pursuit. For love is a wondrous haunting if it’s unreturned, and […]

My life is not interesting. If there’s one thing I could say about my life, that would probably be it. I wake up, drag myself to work, go home tired, sleep. Repeat this drudgery five days a week. I sleep my weekends away. It’s been five years now since I graduated from the university. The […]


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