Forgive me… I said I’d stay,┬ábut left you instead.

I don’t know about other people, but every time I come home after at least 10 hours of work every weekday, I can’t help but ask myself: “What the fuck am I doing?” Really, what the fuck am I doing? Where did my day go? What have I truly accomplished? Meetings here and there, blasting […]

And after seeing her at her darkest and ugliest, in that moment, he has decided to go against the current and chose to love her anyway.  Because anyone could wax poetic about love, but he knew all too well that love is the daily choice to stick with his beloved. That simple, and that hard.

Sana ako yung tipo ng anak Na kayang ibigay ang lahat Ng walang alinlangan Ng hindi nahihirapan O kaya’y nasasaktan Pero hindi eh Napapagod din po ako Nauubos din po ako At sana sa bawat patak ng luha Na dumadaloy sa mukha ko Habang sinusulat ito Sana’y umulan ng kapatawaran Dahil sa aking nararamdaman Pagod […]

In the grand scale of things It’s the little things That I appreciate the most — Like how you sneakily put in my phone Calendar A 3-PM alert that says “Hello! I love you” Or how you just randomly text me “I miss you” And how that one time I got upset and told you […]

Whenever I’m so overwhelmed by the crushing weight of pressure laden on my shoulders; whenever I’m paralyzed by this obsession to make the right decision; whenever I panic about circumstances beyond my control; whenever my day has become utterly shitty; whenever someone preemptively judged me; whenever I feel I’m about to snap and implode; I […]

“Sir, don’t you have a date this Valentine’s Day? ‘Cause it’s Saturday and here you are in the office, still working.” The security guard in our office politely threw me that question yesterday because it was a special day and yet I came in to work. My usual response to this question or any question […]


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