Whenever I’m so overwhelmed by the crushing weight of pressure laden on my shoulders; whenever I’m paralyzed by this obsession to make the right decision; whenever I panic about circumstances beyond my control; whenever my day has become utterly shitty; whenever someone preemptively judged me; whenever I feel I’m about to snap and implode; I […]

“Sir, don’t you have a date this Valentine’s Day? ‘Cause it’s Saturday and here you are in the office, still working.” The security guard in our office politely threw me that question yesterday because it was a special day and yet I came in to work. My usual response to this question or any question […]

With a rueful look and wistful eyes, my mom apologized to me. She felt sorry because our family circumstances have led me to be the breadwinner, supporting our needs for more than eight years now. It is of course, a familiar story to most Filipinos. Parents separate and the burden goes to the eldest child. […]

How easy it is to find contentment, to take hold of happiness: live in the present, be grateful for what you have, do what you can, learn to let go. How damn so easy. But is that really what I want, to be content and happy? No, that is not what I want. I don’t […]

I’ve been here before. Felt like this before. This yearning, this thirst. To know you more. To taste your lips. To get inside your head. I’ve been here before. Felt like this before. To yearn for someone I barely know. To dream of someone I haven’t yet seen. To feel blood rushing deep under my […]

We have no inkling of what John Marc and Seneca have gone through. We, mere bystanders, curious spectators of these two people who seemed to have found all the luck in the world as they vowed “I do”. We have no idea how hard it was to wait for years until John Marc could finally […]

It’s not because I love you unconditionally. Indeed, far from it. And it’s not because I’m selfless. No, that would be a lie. I did what I did, and I’m doing what I’m doing — awkwardly filling in the role of a father and breadwinner of our family for the past eight years or so since our […]


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