Little things

In the grand scale of things
It’s the little things
That I appreciate the most —

Like how you sneakily put in my phone Calendar
A 3-PM alert that says “Hello! I love you”
Or how you just randomly text me “I miss you”
And how that one time I got upset and told you to buy me cake
And you indeed bought me a cheesecake (and with coffee!)
Or how you asked me about my favorite color
Just because you wanted to know me more.

Like how you wait for me to get off work until late in the evening
So we can speak repeatedly about things all the same
Such as — how our day has been, how quotidian, how boring
Yet we don’t ever get tired listening, don’t we?
Because it’s not really just about recounting how our day has been
But more importantly about just spending time with this person
Who brings life and color and meaning in the mundane.

Like how you open yourself up and risk being vulnerable
And how you tear down your walls so I can enter your hall
Like how you tell me things you’re initially uncomfortable
And how you’re always there to answer whenever I call
Like how you say “Babe” with all the sweetness in the world
And how we talk about having genius kids and growing old
Like how you make me believe that love conquers all.

In the grand scale of things
It’s the little things
That mean everything.


4 thoughts on “Little things

  1. “And how she thoughtfully bought me a Woody bagtag and lovingly attached it to my work bag. How it has always stood out in all its reds and yellows and despite not actually liking reds or yellows, it has always remained there as a constant reminder of how much she cared for me and how much I wanted to be always reminded of that.”

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